Hey guys, I have a client that has a SAAS startup...
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Hey guys, I have a client that has a SAAS startup. For every customer of theirs, they've implemented a different Mixpanel project based on their customer's domain. Hence, they have 50+ Mixpanel projects. Now, they want to bring all the data under one project, don't want to loose access to older data. I know that I can use Mixpanel's api to export & import data into 1 project. However, I'm confused with the following: 1. Since each Mixpanel project represents a single user, when I merge it into one project, will all events from a single project be mapped under one user id? 2. Once all projects are merged into a single project, will I be able to identify the user's properties since each project is a different user, & so they aren't sending any property to identify the user? Would really appreciate some help on this!