Is there anyone here who has experience with IOS m...
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Is there anyone here who has experience with IOS mobile events? We are trying to resolve an issue - We have a multi-page event that collects data that we need to send when the process ends or when the app has been terminated or killed. However, we are having trouble understanding how to use the flush() method correctly to send the data. ( Here’s an example: A user has to complete an onboarding process that has 3 mobile views/pages in each page the user has to do something like click or look at the camera. So we have an event that we call onboarding_process. Page_One_Statuse = true/false ( if the user has completed the task in the page /has seen this page or not) Page_Two_Statuse = true/false (if the user has completed task in the page/has seen this page or not) User_camera_captur = int (number of photos in page two) Gender input = string (input value) Time_At_page_One = Time Time_At_page_Two = Time Agreement approved = true/false Total_onboarding_Time = Time And so on.. If the user killed the app we want to have some event properties set as false and the ones he completed to set as true (so we could know where he dropped) We don’t what to have an event for every view. we want to measure the entire process and its sub-properties. Please let me know what you think.