Hi! I'm trying out MixPanel, but I have some doub...
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Hi! I'm trying out MixPanel, but I have some doubts. I would like someone to help me understand these issues better. 1. Events: - I'm using MixPanel to track application usage events, but only today (beginning of tests) I receive 28K of events. In the description of the MixPanel website, I was informed that the free account has up to 100K MTU. Would that be the same as saying I'm limited to 100K events? The events I tracked are things like: login action in an application associated with a distinct_id (user created within MixPanel) - Before you ask me, the amount of users I have is small: 700 users, that is: these 700 users are registered as users on MixPanel, to receive events associated with each one of them. These users is not guests/visitors from my applications, it's real users of my application. 2. Usage Consumption Graph - When browsing my account, all current consumption graphs are zeroed and I can't see anything, as in the attached image. Is this normal because I'm starting today or are the resources I've been using not counted towards account resource consumption? Thank you!