Hi, Passing a question from a colleague, hope som...
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Hi, Passing a question from a colleague, hope someone could help 🙏
Hi.. new to mixpanel so pardon my possible stupid question.
As I understand there are 2 possibilities to define sessions. Time based and event based. Have heard most of the teams tend to use time based sessions for example timeout in 30s
For what I am trying to achieve I believe time based sessions are not good:
• goal is to have a funnel for different payment flow steps per payment attempt. I want to notice if a user tried 7 times to perform a payment but succeeded only once.. this way the user will show up in the success scenario of the funnel
So leaning towards event based sessions is better as I would like every payment attempt to be a separate session.
The problem with this that I have not found a satisfactory answer to is how to set it up. Start event is obvious but I also need to define an End session event. There can be several different outcomes for a payment and end sessions can also not even be reached at all if for example device battery dies or something. Doc states that a user can have multiple sessions at the same time but not sure how all of these attempts would show up on funnels if I have the conversion criteria set to be session based. Example: 10 total attempts, only one of them has end session reached. Would like to see that the funnel has a 90% drop.