Hello Mixpanel Community. I'm setting up Mixpanel...
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Hello Mixpanel Community. I'm setting up Mixpanel on google tag manager, and I've run into a strange issue wrt one of my events. I have a tag that calls the
type, which in turn sends an event called
to MP. In this event I set a parameter called
, which is the URL the user was on when that event fired. Issue is, I'm getting events in my history that does not have that parameter set at all, not just blank, but not present at all. When inspecting these events, I notice that they come from locations that's not congruent with our userbase (our userbase is exclusively south african, but these users come from the USA). And they have the
Initial Referrer
property set to
which feels to me like some scraper or crawler running in parallel with a user's session or something? Our system is only accessible on authentication so it can't be some public scraper. Has anyone run into an issue like this, where very specific custom properties are sometimes not set? I would appreciate the feedback and help a lot!