Hi Team, Current Implementation : we raising the ...
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Hi Team, Current Implementation : we raising the events to mixpanel from Segment (We have integrated it through the segment) Problem statement : When check in the Mixpanel , few of the user properties like Name, Email ID ...etc are Tracking as the User Properties in the Mixpanel What is expecting : How can we set for not tracking those details in the User Properties / Is there any way to Drop those user properties When explored the below articles, it was showing that we have to delete those things in Bulk using API $unset. Instead of deleting everytime. Is there any alternative way for droping those user properties https://help.mixpanel.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004567926-Hide-or-Delete-Events-Properties-Users https://developer.mixpanel.com/reference/profile-delete-property Can anyone suggest the best possible way to solve this problem