Below is a description of an analysis that I’m una...
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Below is a description of an analysis that I’m unable to carry out on Mixpanel and would like some help in understanding how to go about doing it. I’ll explain with an example of a use-case which is of immediate use to me - I am trying to track Conversion of New sign-up users to a Power User cohort and track Funnel metrics like Time to Convert, Conversion trends, etc. but I’m unable to do so. Right now, I’m able to plot funnel conversion from one event to another, and track various metrics like “Time to Convert”, “Funnel Trends” at daily/weekly/monthly/etc. levels. (see image) What I’m hoping to do is plot a funnel conversion from an event to a cohort instead and be able to analyse the same kind of metrics . • Time to convert - Track how much time does a new user take to enter the Power User cohort • Funnel Trends - At a daily/weekly/monthly level what % of my new users convert to Power Users • I also want to make these metrics directly reportable so that they can be compared across dimensions like geography, platform, source of acquisition, etc. While my current use case is limited to analysing how and when new users enter various cohorts, it can also be expanded to understanding movement between other kinds of cohorts as well and tracking metrics around those movements. It’ll be great if someone can help me figure this out.