Is there an API or some way to delete event proper...
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Is there an API or some way to delete event properties and user profile properties across a project? Not just hide them but actually delete the property altogether. We had a bug in our implementation that caused us to generate several hundred bad property names. We meant to record last touch UTM parameters on both the profile and as an event super property. This would be a property like
UTM Campaign (last touch)
with a value of something like
. We accidentally put the value in the property name — getting
Lifecycle_National_Evergreen_Signup_SpaceCreation_24hr (last touch)
with a value of
. It’s having a significant impact on performance of some of our dashboards and reports, and has muddied up the exported events data (we export to BigQuery) I’m looking for a way I can write a script that deletes all of the event properties and profile properties where the name contains “(last touch)”