```fun initCustomer() { val mixpanel: Mixpanel...
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fun initCustomer() {
    val mixpanel: MixpanelAPI =
        MixpanelAPI.getInstance(this, "MY_TOKEN")

    val trackingDistinctId = "RANDOM TOKEN"

    // Initialize the Mixpanel library for tracking and push notifications.

    // We also identify the current user with a distinct ID, and
    // register ourselves for push notifications from Mixpanel.
    mixpanel.identify(trackingDistinctId) //this is the distinct_id value that

    // will be sent with events. If you choose not to set this,
    // the SDK will generate one for you
    mixpanel.people.identify(trackingDistinctId) //this is the distinct_id


    // that will be used for people analytics. You must set this explicitly in order
    // to dispatch people data.