Appcues Integration Hi all! I'm trying to integra...
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Appcues Integration Hi all! I'm trying to integrate Mixpanel with Appcues in our project and I have some issues. I want to export a cohort to Appcues - it does work, but Appcues is having difficulties with identyfying some of users. Based on Mixpanel documentation:
The integration requires that you use the same system of identifiers for both tools, meaning the value you pass to
will have the same value as you pass to
. Appcues will attempt to match users from inbound cohorts based on their Mixpanel distinct_id.
We always use
from our database to identify users on both platforms. When user signs in, thats what happens (more or less):
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const user = getUserFromBackend();
The issue is that in Mixpanel export users
is not always the
we use in
method. As per this article on Mixpanel site:
Mixpanel ultimately applies logic to these clusters to determine which value to use as the cardinal identifier in event, user, and MTU calculations. This identifier is called the canonical distinct_id.
Although data can be resolved back to a user using any distinct_id from an identity cluster, all Mixpanel report calculations use a single identifier from the cluster. This identifier is selected by Mixpanel and is referred to as the canonical distinct_id. You cannot chose which ID will be used as canonical.
So, for some users in Mixpanel their 'main'
is not the same as their
. Mixpanel exports a set of users to Appcues, but some of them have theirs id different than
and Appcues cannot connect that user to any profile in their database. Am I doing something wrong or misunderstand anything? Is there a solution for that?