Hi, I’m trying to set up my app to use Mixpanel’s...
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Hi, I’m trying to set up my app to use Mixpanel’s server-side tracking. I think I’ve followed the docs correctly, but no data is appearing in the Mixpanel dashboard. • This is a Python-based app running with Django and NGINX on an AWS Lightsail instance. • I installed Mixpanel via command line. • I have “{% load mixpanel %}” at the top of all the pages in the app (using the base.html template), but if I click buttons they don’t appear to be tracked at all. • the Mixpanel API token is set correctly in the env file, that shouldn’t be an issue My main developer got sucked into another project, so I’m on my own here and really need to get this thing launched. I wrote all the CSS code, and was pretty good at hand-scripting HTML for Apache servers back in the mid-90s, but I’m not very familiar with Django, NGINX, or Python. On the Pricing page, where users select the Free or Pro plan (the two buttons are highlighted in the code screenshot), how do I actually track those clicks? • Do I need to put some kind of extra ID code on every button? • How does it actually track that someone clicked something or submitted data? • How does it know which user is clicking something? • Is there a place where I can see exactly what Mixpanel is receiving from out server? I’m attaching a screenshot of the frontend code for our Home page, Registration page, and Pricing page. I’m also including a screenshot of the python code for the username and password form called by the registration page. Hopefully, those will give relevant context. Best regards, Charles