Hey folks, hope you guys are having a good week We...
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Hey folks, hope you guys are having a good week We have been using Mixpanel for quite some time and few months ago we added Segment as our source of truth for all data pipeline Mixpanel has something called as Initial Referrer and Referrer which were working perfectly fine. However with segment we are not able to get Initial Referrer and Referrer for their events as per my understanding the reason for that is Initial Referrer : Segment doesnot have this as a separate property or native funationality that could enable us to see their source of arrival at time of signup Referrer : Although this works fine but for people who are signing in with Google their refferer changes to account.google.com even if user came from LinkedIn we want to have it as LinkedIn Any suggested solution around this as Segment is quite common and some other teams would have faced the same problem as us