Hi everyone! I have a question related to *Tracki...
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Hi everyone! I have a question related to Tracking Design Best Practices: • In our company we have a "Screen Viewed" event that is triggered whenever a user sees a specific screen in our app. This event is always sent together with a "Screen Name" property so that we know which screen was viewed. • In some of the screens in our app, there's the need to measure screen-specific informations. E.g., for some screens, it makes sense to know whether the user has a valid payment method associated with his account. For other screens, it doesn't make sense. So we start having properties that are added to the "Screen Viewed" event depending on the value of the "Screen Name" property. • This puts us in a rough spot, because "Screen Viewed" is no longer a normal event. It's like we're creating a tailored event depending on the "Screen Name" property value. This as a lot of ramifications, e.g., when we look at Mixpanel's lexicon, we no longer can check which properties are sent for each of our "tailored" events. My final question is: is there any tracking design best practice on how to avoid this pitfall?