Hi all - Let's say a company is currently utilizin...
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Hi all - Let's say a company is currently utilizing Mixpanel with a direct data feed. But there's a desire to re-instrument so Segment data flows into Mixpanel. This biggest concern about utilizing Segment with Mixpanel is the re-instrumentation process. 🔧 At a high level - the basic plan would be to instrument Segment events into codebase. Set up Mixpanel as a destination in Segment but don't enable. Once everything is setup, remove old Mixpanel events. Then push changes and enable Mixpanel destination simultaneously. - Would that remove historic Mixpanel data? 🏆 - Is this the best practice? 🌟 - Is there a better way of doing this? 🧠 - Any insights or lessons from the trenches are much appreciated. Thanks in advance!