Hi! Beginner question here. How to handle events t...
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Hi! Beginner question here. How to handle events that are “shared” between users of a single shared entity? I’ll use Netflix as an example: • A device is shared between multiple people (TV or Netflix account). • I don’t know which user is doing an action on the device. Could be anyone with access to the TV. • Any user can initiate an event “Netflix was opened on TV” which should lead to “TV started streaming” (Funnel) after a certain time, which I want to track (dropoff and timings). • The device/TV is what I’m actually interested in tracking here. Which user did the action is mostly irrelevant. Some ideas I’ve had: • Use TV ID as distinct ID? Does that even make sense? • Duplicate the TV event, send one for each user of that TV. Sounds like this would break tracking and analysis? Could work if I later deduplicate by TV ID during analysis. • Assign it to a random user of the device (e.g. most recent user) Is Mixpanel the correct tool here, since I want to track a device, not a human?