Hi everyone, I’m using Appsflyer to track the acqu...
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Hi everyone, I’m using Appsflyer to track the acquisition campaigns and send the postback event to Mixpanel. There are 2 postback events: install and uninstall. There is a problem while the install event has the distinctId attached to it, the uninstall event doesn’t. That leads to the unknown path of why users uninstalled the app. I emailed to the Appsflyer support team and they suggested me to Send the Advertising ID option to Mixpanel which sets the Advertising ID to the distinctID of the install and uninstall event. If I do this, there is another problem that the distinctIds of the Appsflyer postback events sent (Advertising ID) are different from the distinctIDs of other in-events in Mixpanel (generated randomly). My app doesn’t have authentication, so I cannot merge two distinctID into one profile. I currently have no users with profiles in Mixpanel. I would like to know if there are any solutions for this case to unify the distinctId to one user
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