$insert_id string with comma gets hashed on Mixpan...
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$insert_id string with comma gets hashed on Mixpanel? Attempting to use ISO date time with milliseconds as $insert_id gets hashed. Example: Sending $insert_id: "20221222T150642,538" shows in Events as Insert ID: zdDyEuBukjaoAjAaBFkdjExwqteqzarxDFqc With the comma removed, we get the same string as the one sent. "20221222T150642538" Replacing comma with period resulted in hash. Replacing comma with 0 results in hash. Confusing... For now we'll go with comma removed and keep our fingers crossed :) Could anyone shed some light here? @melodic-arm-57316 @silly-baker-57737 @chilly-motorcycle-61414