Hello everybody! We want to send push notificatio...
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Hello everybody! We want to send push notifications based on cohorts. Mixpanel removed that functionality so we have our backend that can send push notifications. We also capture and store Mixpanel distinct_ids in our database in the backend. The problem is that some of these IDs are non-canonical IDs due to identity merges. So some IDs from cohorts can’t be found in the backend. I thought to update the backend with current canonical distinct_id. Of course, we can take a user_id from the backend, for example, and and put it in Mixpanel profile. I was curious if there’s a way to avoid that and use Mixpanel’s disctinct_ids? I tried to find users by non-canoical distinct IDs. https://developer.mixpanel.com/reference/engage-query accepts only canonical distinct IDs. At the same time if I put non-canonical distinct_id in the browser URL, i.e. https://mixpanel.com/project/.../view/.../app/profile#distinct_id={non-canonical-distinct-id}, Mixpanel redirects me to the correct profile, while the API returns no record.