Hey, Our clients are creating projects with our pr...
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Hey, Our clients are creating projects with our product (camera). And we are interested in tracking different kind of events in events in comparison/ratio to how many projects each user has done (so we could calculate an average, based on ratio between event count (e.g. Download, Save, any click) that user has done vs project count they have created with our product). We want to calculate this ratio, because the more projects they have, the more content they interact with, the more events there will be - that's why an average seems to be like a more objective indicator for the engagement rate. We are tracking the project count constantly - this data comes in as a property for every event. My question is - is there a way to integrate this property (project count) in the event/cohort field or anywhere else so I could use this field in formula and calculate this ratio (any event / project count per user). Or maybe there is another way to accomplish this.