Hey we have the following problem in understanding...
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Hey we have the following problem in understanding how the funnels work 🤔 We have 2 insights which show Forms Opening and Forms Submissions from a page. In the last 30 days we have: (Instances of events) • Form Openings: 3119 • Form Sendings: 92 We also have a funnel to measure the conversion between Forms Openings / Forms Sendings essentially tracking the same events. Our conversion criteria is set to 10 minutes which is plenty of time to fill the form (we count totals in this case). • Forms Openings : 2810 -> We understand this one, because a user might have opened multiple times and it's counted only once. Roughly 10% of instances fall in this "repeated event" category. • Forms Sendings: 58 -> We cannot figure out this one because it should actually be much closer to the top number of 92 -> Lowering or increasing the conversion window doesn't change this number at all 🤔 and the 24 hours window for funnels to update passed for example yesterday we had 3 more sendings which is very far away from 31 missing instances Are we missing something? Did we understand the funnels wrong ? To us it seems that this doesn't really work 🤔