Hello, I have an issue and I don’t have an idea ho...
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Hello, I have an issue and I don’t have an idea how to fix it. I think this is a common situation for many companies that use Mixpanel. Our customers are companies that have multiple end users and we do all the analytics at a Company level (we use group keys to group users from the same company). We also store information whether a Company is paying as a property in Company Profile (Group Profile). We want to track what percentage of paying companies performed a given action in a given month (and also see the history). At the moment we do this by using a custom formula: A / B, where A is number of unique Companies that performed this action and B is number of all paying companies (Segment of Companies with paying=true). The problem is that B should be different each month because number of paying Companies changes. However, right now B shows only current state of paying companies. It is the correct value for current month, however it is wrong for previous months. In short B has no history (because “paying” property in Company Profile has no history). Because of that our metrics for previous months have incorrect values. How can we fix this? Or maybe we should calculate the percentage using a different formula?