Hey all! I've been having an issue when using a li...
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Hey all! I've been having an issue when using a list event property along with a lookup table. When an event has more than one item in the list property, the lookup groupings get all mixed up and end up being duplicated within the same report. Here's a very simplified example: the middle column has the original property (
Tags de conversa (suporte)
). The lookup field on the left,
, is nothing more than the tags stripped off of their codes. It should be a 1:1 relationship, but as the event in question has both tags, the lookup seems to be applied to all of them. Which means, when looking at an aggregated report using more levels, they also appear twice and the data is terribly distorted. Here's part of the lookup table CSV:
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Tag,                         Classificação,        Classificação agrupada,                 Nível 1,   Nível 2
"2.3.2. Finalizar Pedido",   "Finalizar Pedido",   "Bug / Catálogo / Finalizar Pedido",    "Bug",     "Catálogo"
"5.2.3. Aprovação App/Site", "Aprovação App/Site", "Suporte / Prime / Aprovação App/Site", "Suporte", "Prime"
Please help? 🥺