Hello everybody ! Our problem comes from the fact...
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Hello everybody ! Our problem comes from the fact that sometimes, the canonical distinct_id from MixPanel, which is the principal sent back by the API to download data, is not necessary the last one that we have set with the SDK MixPanel within the app. Our questions are : • Is it possible to force it to happen (to only have the last one selected if the one before were wrong) ? • Or is it at least possible to know more about how the canonical distinct ID is selected by MixPanel ? • How to collect all the historical distinct_ids from the canonical distinct id, how can we extract it from the interface MixPanel or with the API ? (According to their documentation: https://help.mixpanel.com/hc/en-us/articles/360041039771-Getting-Started-with-Identity-Management: Mixpanel connects all of a user’s identifiers and tracks that cluster of distinct_ids. This means that most tracked users won’t have one distinct_id, but a collection of them. [...] Mixpanel ultimately applies logic to these clusters to determine which value to use as the cardinal identifier in event, user, and MTU calculations. This identifier is called the canonical distinct_id. You cannot chose which ID will be used as canonical.) Thanks a lot !!!