Hello friends, Question about a retention graph. ...
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Hello friends, Question about a retention graph. I made a retention report where I look at Order completed events. It shows a graph and I struggle with interpreting it. I ask myself "what am I looking at exactly here?" So, what am I looking at? E.g. < 1 month Average retention in completed intervals 25.81% retention it says this at the beginning of the graph, but what does that mean? 25.81% of the users completed the two events in less than a month? Is that it? Also, at month 4 for example, 12.71% retention; does that mean 12.71% of users on average order in each interval up to the fourth interval? In my case, they order every month up to the fourth month? Or does it mean that 12.71% of users who place an order do so again after four months, but not earlier than the fourth month?