Hi all, I am a product owner in the fintech space...
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Hi all, I am a product owner in the fintech space. We have implemented Mixpanel with both client side and server side events and I am blown away by what it can do. We have got marketing on board and they’re really liking Mixpanel but they still want to add Google Analytics to our site. They say that they are better able to calculate cost of acquisition as GA4 does this automatically and also helps with ads optimisation. I have not used GA extensively so can’t say for myself if this is true or not. I have 3 questions here: 1. Adding too much tracking code potentially slowing down the site. How much of a possibility is this? 2. Can Mixpanel fully replace GA4 is relation to reporting on ads and optimizing those ads 3. Has anyone implemented GA4 as well as Mixpanel and how has your experience been?