Hi everyone, this is a long post but I could reall...
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Hi everyone, this is a long post but I could really use some help over here. I'm adding event properties to certain client side triggers. I have a few questions regarding what I want to track. What I want to track is, while filling out an application for a fintech, what did the user initially select and what did they end up submitting? In order to answer the question, I have thought of adding event properties to the relevant triggers before the application is submitted, and once the user submits and application, all the event properties will be sent to the final trigger i.e the submit button. So for example, the user selects travel as a saving goal, the event that will be fired is saving goal selected and the event properties will show goal type: travel. Then, when the user taps on the submit button, the event triggered will be application submitted and in event properties, the saving goal will also show up. Now, my concern over here is that 1. If a user selects the saving goal, then goes onto change it and submit it, will I be able to compare the event properties of the saving goal trigger and the submit application trigger to see the change user made? 2. If a user changes the saving goal multiple times and then submit the application. In my application funnel (from application started to application submitted). Will I be able to accurately track conversion by adding filter to the event properties? 3. If funnels isn't the right way to track the comparison of what saving goal the user selected and then ended up submitting, which report will be the best to accurately track this change? Thanks for the help