We are facing an issue while creating a report in ...
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We are facing an issue while creating a report in the Mixpanel dashboard after aliasing two different distinct IDs. The events are fired from one user but from two different distinctIDs but were aliased later. After requesting aliasing, the events got merged right away in the user profile, and the same events were not getting reflected in a funnel report I created. When I tried yesterday, this showed up in the funnel after 3hr. user: https://eu.mixpanel.com/project/2247088/view/2794520/app/profile#distinct_id=660854ef-1b83-4041-a242-04a357690eae& report : https://eu.mixpanel.com/s/2QZoqq I tried the same today with two different users, it's still not reflected in the funnel report. user 1 (alias requested around 8hr before) : https://eu.mixpanel.com/project/2247088/view/2794520/app/profile#distinct_id=6bcce82d-34b0-4e8e-94f2-bdb2385d1315 user 2 (alias requested around 3hr before) : https://eu.mixpanel.com/project/2247088/view/2794520/app/profile#distinct_id=6bcce82d-34b0-4e8e-94f2-bdb2385d1315 All these three users completed event 1. calendly_page 2. 90 Minute Psychologist Intake - FL(41b3f942-ba86-4b1e-8579-0cfb539b1843) in that order, but didn't show up in the funnel - https://eu.mixpanel.com/project/2247088/view/2794520/app/funnels#view/37000588/chartTypeOverride:funnel-steps,originDashboard:(id:4492149,title:Ameen%2520Test) How long will it take to get it reflected in a report after two distinct ids are aliased?