tldr: We're running into an issue where we can't s...
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tldr: We're running into an issue where we can't seem to use a funnels report to see the conversion from users who perform an event BEFORE signup, with an event after/during signup, despite matching their anonymous ID with their distinct ID. We are trying to create a funnel report for users who take an action before registration in our mobile app (and identification, so with a randomly generated anonymous ID) with our registration event (which we fire from our backend with a Distinct ID corresponding to our user). We're calling identify properly after this registration occurs, and passing in the anonymousID so that these are linked. In short, the user profile page in MixPanel shows both ID's under the distinct ID section, and also correctly shows both events in the user's activity feed (Deep Link Handled @ 9:58am and above that, Registration at 10:03am). To me, this implies that MixPanel can correctly see that both events were from the same user, yet creating a Funnel report returns 0 results for this sequence of events. I understand why this is likely happening from a technical standpoint (different distinct ID between the two events when they were originally recorded so it doesn't link them in the funnel) but it feels like this should be correctly linking that they were from the same user after Identity merge etc happens, and reporting that the user converted. Can someone please advise if this is intentional behaviour or a bug as it is unfortunately impairing our ability to report on this data currently. UPDATE: My bad, turns out there is a short delay (~1-24h) for Identity Merge propagating through to reports for uniques/totals etc whereas the user Activity Feed updates instantly, looking back at yesterday's data now everything work great 😄
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