Hello, At the beginning of my journey with Mixpane...
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Hello, At the beginning of my journey with Mixpanel - I want to properly set up the identity clusters of my users. My product experience is website / desktop app / mobile app (clients). For new users signing up, as they started from those client, I can use once the Identify function to create their identity cluster on Mixpanel and start having users' profile filled. My challenge is that there are some existing users who are today tracked from backend only (using only the mixpanel ingestion API for events) and for those users, I do not have a pre-generated distinct_id of Mixpanel. I would like to leverage the "createIdentity" features of the API but how can I use it if I only have an identified property (userId) and no distinct_id ? Following this diagram https://developer.mixpanel.com/reference/create-identity If I don't have a distinct_id different than the userId - I cannot create an identity clusters for those users.