Hi! We are seeking guidance on the most efficient...
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Hi! We are seeking guidance on the most efficient approach to tracking a critical event that generates a substantial volume of data. The event in question holds immense significance for our operations. Do you have any suggestions? Tracking each individual event is not an option. We already tested it and due to the amount of data it generates it would consume our yearly credit in just a few weeks. We were thinking about using batches (x5, X10, X100). However, this approach is not without its limitations as it would not provide us with information if the event is triggered less than the specified amount. Is there a way of counting the amount of times this action was triggered per day per user, and have that info tracked into a property of an event that gets tracked once per day? So each day, all users will trigger an event, which will tell the quantity of times this event was triggered in the previous 24 hours. Example: Time: 00:00 Event: “Event Triggered past day” Properties: Email: Juan@email.com Count: 600