Hi, I would like to seek guidance on the logic beh...
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Hi, I would like to seek guidance on the logic behind the "First Time Ever" filter in Mixpanel. We have merged two events into a single one (let's call it "x_event") and we want to apply the "First Time Ever" filter to identify users who have used this feature for the very first time on a monthly and weekly basis. We want to monitor these numbers from our backend. We have two separate tables for Event 1 and Event 2, and we want to track the overall number of first-time users for both events. We tried implementing this using SQL on our own pipeline data. We just union two tables and find out the very first occurrence of user and then just grouped in monthly and weekly manner … but the numbers are significantly higher than the ones reported by Mixpanel. How Mixpanel calculates users who have done an action for the very first time on daily, monthly and weekly basis and how can this essentially be implemented on our pipeline data because this is clearly a difference in logic been implemented?