Hi Everyone, I have a query about mixpanel.people...
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Hi Everyone, I have a query about mixpanel.people.set We are calling mixpanel.alias(user-id) on signup followed by mixpanel.register then mixpanel.people.set after that we are passing 2 track calls. Although this method working fine for us, but in some instances profile properties are not getting set some users, I've checked the alias & identify are not failed and also waited for a week in case mixpanel taking time to set user properties. My guess is mixpanel.people.set not working correctly, but when I tested the flow on website it worked fine. (I got the $set event in the verbose network call) I wanted to know is there any other way to test if my mixpanel.people.set is fired for a user in mixpanel? Or changing the sequence of calls will help? If yes, what’s the preferred sequence?