Bug or improper implementation or what: We have a...
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Bug or improper implementation or what: We have a mobile app for our main user, and a web-based admin side for our internal folks. Mixpanel is implemented on both. The admins can take actions on user accounts - add data, remove stuff, etc etc. Problem: some actions that admins are taking look like the end user's events, and something about our Mixpanel implementation is taking the user ID and saying "oh, End User must've done this" , rather than "admin did this thing to end user". In some cases, this can also erroneously set the end user's location to that of the admin's, and it doesn't seem to update even if the end user does a bunch of actions in their real location. We have some team members in India, but our user market is entirely US-based. Anyone encounter something like this before? Should I take this up with MP Support and/or my engineers?