Our product has a boolean setting. We are wanting...
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Our product has a boolean setting. We are wanting to find out: 1. How many users have it enabled 2. How many users had this setting enabled at one point, then turned it off, and kept it off I'm not sure how we should send and store this value based on what we want. If we only needed to know the first question, I'd just store it as as user property and update it every so often, then we'd know how many users have it on and how many have it off. The second bit of info we want seems to be what makes this hard. In order to have a history of the setting being changed, we need to store it as an event property on various events, then somehow figure out how to define "who had it on, then turned it off, and then kept it off." There's also a question of how to count those as unique users. Would anyone have any suggestions for this?