Hi all, I’m currently working on tracking a sign-u...
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Hi all, I’m currently working on tracking a sign-up funnel with events that span multiple days, and I’ve noticed that this can potentially skew the end conversion rate. For example, if I have a funnel that looks at a week, if a user signs up on Day 1 of the funnel and converts on Day 2, but another user signs up on Day 7 of the funnel but doesn’t convert until day 8 (i.e. outside the funnel timeframe), a traditional conversion rate calculation would include both sign up events as equal, even though the second user converted in the same time. Ultimately, this will always result in downwardly skewed conversion metrics. I’m curious to know how other Mixpanel users handle this situation and whether you’ve experienced similar issues. Specifically, I’m wondering if anyone uses cohort analysis to track multi-day funnels, and if so, how you group users into cohorts to ensure more accurate conversion metrics. Additionally, have you noticed any specific consequences of not using cohort analysis for multi-day funnels? Any insights or best practices would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!