Hello <#C02RUV27S3V|questions>! Is it possible to ...
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Hello #questions! Is it possible to create categories in Mixpanel? I am trying to create something like a category in mixpanel. As an example, let's say I have an event did_purchase. Then I have properties that identify which product was purchased, say #product_name, and let's say I have the following values for product_name: orange, apple, broccoli, carrot. I would like to make a chart to compare purchses within the category fruits (containing orange and apple) and vegetables (containing broccoli and carrot). I thought I could make this with cohorts, but it did not work. When I make the cohorts and do the breakdown by cohorts I see both categories. Than I further brokedown just to make a sanity check, and the problem is that it happens that boccoli and carrot also appear in the cohort fruits. Any tips on how to approach this task? Thank you in advance for any help :)