Hey all, I have a question about identifying users...
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Hey all, I have a question about identifying users properly within MP 👇 We are currently using segment to send most events to MP. This means that typically, an anonymous ID is generated and sent directly from Segment -> MP. Our "$distinct ID" is being passed as "userId" on our end, and it's what we use to identify a user within segment and within our own systems, but is also being passed over to MP through the segment integration. When I look at user profiles within the mixpanel, I'm a little confused on how the merging and storing of identities works. It looks like sometimes the Distinct ID is being set as the users email address, which is not ideal as that could potentially change and isn't unique. Sometimes the Distinct ID is coming in as the userId which is what we expected, as thats how we associate users on our end. But also, I'm sometimes seeing Distinct ID coming in as a random hash, which i'm assuming mixpanel is generating as it's unable to merge two user profiles? I've attached a screenshot of the latter issue, with PII removed. My Questions: 1. What is the correct way of identifying and storing different distinct ID's on a per-user basis? Should all "identified" users have the userId column based on our data set as the "$distinctId"? 2. Is the matching of identifiers case sensitive? As you can see in the attached image, somehow this user has different capitalization on the first letter of their email.