Hi, I’m experiencing a recurring issue trying to i...
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Hi, I’m experiencing a recurring issue trying to import events from our logs, I’ve tried different methods to import them and the issue remains the same, this is what happens: • I import the events, I’ve used mp_utils, the API and the google sheet add-on, in all instances the events are successfully imported. • When I go to Mixpanel interface, I face 3 issues: ◦ If I go to events, the events don’t load up as usual, I have to click to “load more”, then they show up properly ◦ If I go to any report, ie: “Insights” I don’t have the list of events available in the dropdown, but if I select “all events” the chart is properly populated, and even in some instances if, I add “event name” in the breakdown, I see all the event names ◦ If I go to the lexicon, the events don’t show up Any idea of what is happening? I’ve contacted customer support but I have not received any answer yet.