:wave: I'm trying to graph a pretty straightforwar...
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👋 I'm trying to graph a pretty straightforward retention graph but I'm having a hard time navigating the settings. Let's say I want to graph
first app open
app open
. The retention criteria is either
on [time period]
on or after [time period]
. • Selecting
on [ time period ]
only seem to count the latest time period the users did the action • Selecting
on or after [ time period ]
inflates the numbers but counting the latest day of activity and all of the previous dates as active What I want is: if a user opens the app on the first day, D0 retention is 100%. If the user does not use the app on D1 retention is 0%, if the user opens the app in D2 retention is 100% for that user. Is there a way to do that?