Hey folks :wave: I’m a new user, and we’ve recent...
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Hey folks 👋 I’m a new user, and we’ve recently started integrating Mixpanel into our production. However, I believe there’s something I’m not quite grasping about how Mixpanel counts events in certain reports. Specifically, I’m having trouble understanding how the count of ‘*Step 1*’ events is tallied in the funnel report. The count for ‘*Step 1*’ seems to change based on the event selected in ‘Step 2’. I’m confused about how this could be possible, given that the events in ‘Step 2’ should not influence the number of users entering ‘Step 1’. Furthermore, I’ve noticed a discrepancy from the Insight report; it shows a higher event count than the funnel report for the same event and date range. Can anyone provide some clarity on this? I’m sure I’m missing something obvious 😊 I attached 2 screenshot to highlight this behaviour Thanks!