:wave: Hello, team! I am new to Mixpanel. I am usi...
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👋 Hello, team! I am new to Mixpanel. I am using the Simplified ID Merge process to merge the device_id to the user_id after people sign up in my PHP application. And I can see in the Users tab that Mixpanel lists two users, one with a distinct_id = device_id and the other disctinct_id= user_id. When click on the user with distinct_id=device_id , it shows me the profile of the user after being identified. So it seems like Mixpanel has merged the Ids. However, when I go to the Insights Reports, and breakdown events by distinct_id, I see that Mixpanel splits the events between the distinctic_id=device_id user and the distinct_id=user_id user (who are the same) . So it looks liek the ids are not merged in the Insights Report. Can anyone help me understand this? I expected Mixpanel to reassign the events with distinct_id = device_id to the user with distinct_id = user_id after the user has been identified.