I need some help on product analytics part. I have...
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I need some help on product analytics part. I have faced problem on Mixpanel and GA both, due to blocking of events by browsers. My scenario - I send some events from client side (front end) along with some events from server side (backend). Let’s take an example. As you know Instaminutes gives you insights for your customer calls. One such user journey is - calendar events of user, meetings done, meeting successfully analysed, meeting insights seen by user. Now, calendar events of user and successfully analysed are events triggered on server side while other two are from client side. Problem - Let’s say browser block all client side events. Hence, finally we get the events as event1 and event3 being triggered while event2 and event4 blocked. Hence, the whole funnel gets populated by bad data leading to bad conversion percentages. How as a product folk you overcome this issue? Am I correct in execution? Thanks in advance 🙂