Hi, I have a sales support question, if this is no...
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Hi, I have a sales support question, if this is not the right place for it, please let me know. I’ve been using mixpanel for 10+ years. Recently I’ve started working at a company that has zero analytics wired into it’s massive real estate website. My team is exploring options for our initial phase of product analytics - and what they are finding is that it will be much easier to implement fullstory than mixpanel because full story is passive. PMs can wire up the events after the implementation. it’s not a long term solution, but it’s hard to argue against that if the objective is to gain visibility into customer behavior and site performance. I’ve not implemented mix at the code level in a while, so first questions: 1) Is fullstory truly easier to deploy than mix? Second question 2) It’s also been hard to find new documentation on the marketing analytics and any pricing improvements for top of the funnel data capture, I presume it’s much cheaper (and competing with free) or it would not even ben an option giving the higher volume?