Hi, I would like to inquire about Mixpanel's prici...
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Hi, I would like to inquire about Mixpanel's pricing plans regarding the number of saved reports. I have been utilizing the free plan for a year now and I am trying to decide whether to stick with it or upgrade to the growth plan. Specifically, I would like clarification on the following points: 1. Are the saved reports limited per user within the project, or is it a collective limit for the entire project? 2. What is the maximum number of dashboards I can create with the chosen plan? 3. Am I able to create custom events and save cohorts with the plan I select? Additionally, considering that we have approximately 30 dashboards, each with a minimum of 5 reports saved, I am wondering if sticking to the startup plan would be advisable. I am concerned about any potential impact on the reports or overall functionality.