Hi all, I have MP set up through Google Tag Manage...
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Hi all, I have MP set up through Google Tag Manager on a react webapp that we are building. I get tons of events from non-users, looks like bot traffic: • None of the properties I explicitly set are set • Country for the events is set as United States (we don't operate in the US, and we have no users in the US) • Page URL and referrer and other such properties are always strange, and does not match any URLs we have in our app. I suspect it's something on the GTM side that is crawling our app when a user is using it. 95% of our app sits behind a login, so this can't be random anonymous bot traffic. Has anyone experienced something similar, and how did you resolve it? At the moment I'm making use of user cohorts to filter out the noise, but I would prefer that my MixPanel account not be filled up with events that I'm immediately discarding.