Hello, I am new to mixpanel. I have a question reg...
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Hello, I am new to mixpanel. I have a question regarding id merge. I am ingesting events from a node backend. I have iOS, Android and Web app. These apps send events to our backend and backend ingests the events into mixpanel. When user opens the app (first time) then we generate and assign an id. At this point user has not singed up yet. I use this id as $distinct_id and also assign a property offline_user_id for events logged into mixpanel. Once the user sign up, then I use email as $distinct_id and still assign the offline_user_id in the events. Now in the funnel report, I want see open app --> sign up. How can I see tell mixpanel that to use offline_user_id as distinct_id? In the sign up event my distinct_id is email but in the open app event the distinct_id is generated one. But the offline_user_id is same in both cases. Maybe I can model the the event properties differently. I am not sure how to do that. Also in the doc I see something like $device_id and $user_id which I am not making use of. Should I be setting these two so that I can achieve what I want?