Hi team, A few days ago, it looks like we've star...
# questions
Hi team, A few days ago, it looks like we've started hitting this hot shard behavior: https://docs.mixpanel.com/docs/tracking/reference/distinct-id-limits#what-happens-when-we-detect-a-hot-shard. For context, we've been logging our user ids as the distinct id for events, but we expect to have a decent volume of events where there is no user id. We've been logging "0" for distinct id in those cases. A couple questions: 1. Was this hot shard behavior recently released/rolled out (within the last few days)? I don't think our event logging behavior changed when we started encountering the hot shard behavior. 2. It sounds like maybe the easiest path forward for our use case is to log "" for distinct id instead of "0", which will then shard properly and not result in our events getting redirected into hotshard events. Can anyone confirm that this will work and sounds like a reasonable path forward? 3. Is there an easy way for us to correct the events that have already been redirected into hotshard events so that they show up as their normal events instead? Is the only way to reupload the events (with corrected distinct id), or is there some option that we can do through Mixpanel's web UI? Question 2 is the most important, but answers to any are appreciated. Thanks!