We have a project using the Original ID merge - th...
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We have a project using the Original ID merge - this means some users have an 'anonymous' distinct ID, rather than our nice identified user ID's which correspond to our database. We're doing a cohorts sync to both our own platform, and to Braze, so we can flag these users in our database to get a special offer, and have Braze email them about it, but we've run into the issue of some users being skipped over in our platform due to their Distinct ID not matching out platform's User ID. We've seen that Simplified ID Merge is a new tool that would've helped with this, but unfortunately our project is 2 years old and we aren't too keen to blow away and reimport the data etc at this stage. Just wanted to check if there are any better workarounds for this than a) manually translating the Mixpanel distinct ID to our user_id via a mixpanel dump/API call, or b) can we change our webhook cohort sync to pass through a different field like the Braze cohort sync uses