Hey fam, putting together something interesting fo...
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Hey fam, putting together something interesting for people always on the lookout for "What to measure?" benchmarks 🙂
Would love to understand what are the metrics that are measured across Product and Growth across industries (Looking to start with 15 people)
We are creating a repository of what are PM's and Growth Managers measuring? (The 2 functions that are central to the business growth and the ones who have to make reports for the stakeholder?) The need to do so came from discussion with few people that even amongst similar orgs in industries-KPI's and measurements can vary more than 50%
1. If you are a PM or Growth Manager, who would be interested to participate just react to the message or reply under it, I will DM you 🙂 2. We will share a form with you that has less than 10 - one word questions. It won't take more than 4 minutes :) 3. If you are interested in involving further - we will collaborate and co-create an original content piece that can span to be a template,whitepaper etc with full attribution towards your personal brand.🚀 P.S - We will be sharing some cool product and growth merch for users successfully participating in this 😉 FAQs 1. You don't have to share any actual numbers - only what is being measured 2. You can chose to stay anonymous and share info from past experiences instead of current ones For the mods: Feel free to delete if its too spammy 🙂