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#mobileapps #privacy Hi guys🙂 We all probably know how to balance user privacy issues with measurement. Companies implement Consent Management Platform and fire analytic vendor tags after obtaining specific consent from the user. But most mobile applications do not use CMP😇. My client (a mobile app) has created an onboarding process in which the user goes through several screens, logs in, and then gives marketing consent and ATT (for iOS). I'm wondering, especially for iOS, if in this case we'll be able to collect data about his activities before agreeing to be tracked (ATT). As far as I know, no consent for ATT equals no transmission of the device ID to the vendor, and before logging in, the app doesn't have information about the email address, and no permanent user identifier is assigned as well. I think this is an important question, given that the market has been leaning towards privacy for quite some time now, and this will continue. And measuring onboarding is crucial in any product. How are you approaching this?